Frequently Asked Questions

Is a Fabric Structure the perfect solution for you? Find out answers about our industrial and commercial buildings and structures — both permanent &/or temporary!

Do we need a foundation?

Although smaller shelters may not need a foundation, once a building reaches the size that requires engineering — then a foundation is needed. We Can Contracting structures are made from high quality materials that have been well tested and are all Canadian Made.

How long does it take to install?

Based on experience; A 50 x 70 building from We Can Contracting from starting the foundation to completion can be done in 2 weeks. Call or email the We Can team to get more specific details and estimates on how long it will take based on your particular needs.

Is the fabric structure portable?

Despite its large size, if you needed to move your fabric structure you could. In case you are interested, We Can Contracting is skilled at moving fabric structures, regardless of the brand.

Is the fabric structure Weatherproof?

Your new fabric structure can withstand 75 to 120 MPH wind load ratings. They can also be built to handle 12 to 65+ pounds per square foot of snow or live load. Call or email us for more details for your specific needs.

How long will the cover last?

Early covers were made of 6 oz material and there are many of them still in use that are 20 years old. New buildings come standard with a 12 oz cover. The new fabrics have increased UV protection and have tested the fabric extensively and are confident in the quality of their fabric, as is represented by the 15 year prorated warranty. It is reasonable to expect a We Can Contracting installed structure to outlast the warranty and require replacement for 20 years provided you follow the care instructions laid out by We Can Contracting.

How much clearspan?

Because there are no pillars holding up the structure, a fabric structure provides more space per square foot. Clearspans range from 12 feet wide to 166 feet wide, and virtually any length.

Can a fabric structure be permanent?

Although they are perfect for temporary structures, they are also widely used as permanent structures by airports, marinas, farms for various livestock such as equestrian rings or cattle barns and other industries due to their durability, reasonable-cost and less complex set-up.

Given the popularity of fabric structures buildings among horse people, we have round buildings that represent the traditional riding buildings but allowing more fresh air and natural light which leads to happier and less stressed horses.